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Use of ultrasonic thickness measurements in industry is very important for obtaining information regarding dimensions of tested object – wall thickness of pipes, vessels, tanks, hulls of river and sea ships as well as other products, which can be accessed only from one side. Also it is crucial at making decisions about remaining life time of process equipment and managerial decisions on quality assurance of products.

Technological process of ultrasonic thickness measurements

Method of ultrasonic thickness measurements allows to conduct examinations with highest degree of precision and lowest error.

During the examination we utilize portable devices using which we can measure thickness of products made of most structural materials: metal, plastic, ceramics, composites, glass.

Specific aspects of ultrasonic thickness measurements

“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC performs ultrasonic thickness measurements using various high-precision instruments. It enables to determine not only the thickness of tested product, but also to determine presence of hidden defects in it. Works are conducted in a prompt and quality manner both under laboratory conditions of the company, and on sites of the customer including at height.