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Mobile laboratory is fitted with modern certified testing equipment and measurement tools for the following kinds of non-destructive testing and diagnostics:

  • visual-optical (VT);
  • ultrasonic;
  • radiographic;
  • penetrant;
  • magnetic-particle;
  • leak test;
  • determining of hardness;
  • determining chemical composition of steel and alloys;
  • ferrite number determination of welded steel.

Mobile laboratory is designed for expedite transportation of NTD specialists and appliances & equipment to the site of diagnostics of metal products and welded joints at manufacturing, construction, installation, repair, reconstruction of the following high-hazard equipment:

  • steam and water boilers with capacity more than 0,01 MW;
  • pressure vessels with pressure more than 0,05 MPa;
  • steam and hot-water pipelines with operating pressure of steam more than 0,05 MPa and water temperature more than 110 °С;
  • weight-lifting cranes;
  • process equipment, linear components of natural and liquefied gas supply systems of business entities, as well as gas-using equipment with capacity more than 100 kW;
  • process equipment of chemical, biochemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, byproduct-coking, foundry, fat-and-oil, essential oil industries etc.

Handpicked team

Each of us has corresponding education and constantly improves skills – confirmed by respective licenses and certificates.

Quality assurance

Every test is conducted several times to except error of measurement and obtain ideal result.

Result independence

We commit to exclude any factors which can affect independence and impartiality of our activities.

Technological leadership

Tests are conducted exclusively on modern equipment using only certified materials which meet worldwide standards of quality.

Expert opinions

Upon test results we issue report which form complies with requirements of regulatory documentation in full.


Availability of mobile laboratory enables quick rendering of NDT services in the customer territory with the same quality as in permanent facilities.