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Magnetic particle test is precise method for examination of metals and welded joints. It provides detection of the smallest surface and subsurface defects. It is employed at construction and operation stages to detect defects in ferromagnetic materials.

Specific aspects of magnetic particle testing by “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC

Basis of magnetic particle test is registration of stray magnetic field using ferromagnetic powder or magnetic slurry as an indicator. Action principle lays in generation of magnetic flow in product. At that on defect-free areas the flow does not change its direction. If it encounters on its way areas with reduced magnetic permeability, for example discontinuities in metal (cracks, nonmetal inclusions etc.), then magnetic field occurs which tries to attract the maximum possible number of particles to damaged area.

“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC performs magnetic particle test to detect surface and subsurface integrity damages of metal spread inside of the product: cracks, flakes, incomplete penetrations, pores. Works can be performed on thermal and nuclear power objects, as well as industrial objects of metallurgy, oil & gas, chemical and other industries.

How to send us samples for examinations, tests.

Taken samples of rolled steel, reference samples of welded joints, etc. you can delivery to laboratory “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC at address:

Bucha city, 3 Lekha Kachynskoho str. (old name – 3 Chkalova street)

Recipient: “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC


make use of services of  Nova Poshta LLC sending at address:

Bucha city, depots: No.3 – up to 15 kg

No.2 – up to 30 kg

No.1 – above 30 kg

Recipient: “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC, EDRPOU 33543574, c. Bucha

Contact (please call upfront):

Horpynich Dmytro 050-334-33-95

Maksym Prokhorenko 099-355-86-39

  • Customer covers costs for delivery and return of samples.
  • At sample taking for further examination, tests, please draw up Sample collection report (go to
  • Original copy of the Report must be sent with samples.