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Metallographic examination is complex of tests and analytical measures aimed at studying macrostructure and microstructure of metals, studying consistencies of structure generation and establishing dependencies of the structure impact on mechanical, electrical and other properties of the metal.

Specific aspects of metallographic examinations of “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC

Macro analysis of steel structure and welded joints

Performed by naked eye or using magnifying glass with magnifying 5-30. Macro analysis enables revealing cavities, slag inclusions, damage of metal integrity, cracks and other defects of metallic structure, chemical and structural heterogeneity, deviations of weld form.

Micro analysis of metals and welded joints

Involves examination of their structure using optical or electronic microscopes on specially prepared samples. Micro analysis methods determine form and size of crystalline grains, reveal changes of internal metallic structure when affected by thermal treatment or mechanical impact on alloy, microcracks etc.

Specialists of “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC perform prepare samples which completely display structure of product or metal and execute metallographic etching.

Similarly, procedure of sample preparation includes procedure of metallographic etching.

“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC performs metallographic examination in a prompt and quality manner both under laboratory conditions of the company, and on sites of the customer using portable microscope with zoom 640х.