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Q4 Mobile enables determination of chemical composition and grade of steel at manufacturing and repair of steel structures, quality control of used steel and welded joints that assures safe operation of object and improve profitability of repair activities.

Also optical emission spectrometer is used at receiving inspection of products, determination of material quality, check of alloys, compliance of steel grade with provided certificates.

Specific aspects of determination of chemical composition and steel grade

Analytical package includes set of calibration programs пакет for analysis of steel and Fe-based alloys:

  • (Fe-100) – global calibration;
  • (Fe-110) – low-alloy steel;
  • (Fe-130) – Fe-Cr steel;
  • (Fe-131) – Fe-Cr/ Ni-Ni steel;
  • (Fe-131) – Fe-Cr-Ni/ Ni steel;
  • (Fe-140) – tool steel;
  • (Fe-150) – manganese steel;

Advantage of determination of chemical composition and steel grade by “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC

  • Use of portable easily transportable device;
  • Each measurement takes 15 – 40 seconds, determination of material grade takes 3-5 minutes;
  • During execution of test, there is no need to make chips or remove upper layer of steel that can results in integrity damage;
  • Optical emission method is considered to the most precise and detailed.

“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC performs spectral analysis both under laboratory conditions of the company, and on sites of the customer including at height. Works are conducted in a prompt and quality manner at new construction, technical reequipping and reconstruction of thermal and nuclear power objects, as well as industrial objects of metallurgy, oil & gas, chemical and other industries.