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“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC renders services for radiographic control of welded joints and base metal using portable X-ray and

Radiographic test is one of the most informative NDT methods and is widely used for testing hazardous production objects. This method is most commonly employed at production, new construction, technical reequipping and reconstruction of thermal and nuclear power objects, as well as industrial objects of metallurgy, oil & gas, chemical and other industries. Penetrating through metal, X-rays make impact on light-sensitive film, located on the other side of sample. At that radiation can be used for measurement of thickness and composition of material. Areas with foreign inclusions, cracks, pores, incomplete penetrations etc. will more actively affected by the rays.

Having processed the X-ray film, specialists conduct interpretation using negatoscope. It allows to detect, register and describe defects. Flaw-detection units, utilizing modern software, enable automatic processing of obtained data on X-ray films. 

Capabilities of radiographic test

  • Testing of areas not accessible for other test methods. Radiographic method reveals incomplete penetrations, shrinkage cavities, cracks, as well as tungstic, oxidizing and slag inclusions in welded joints.
  • The most precise localization of defect. Radiographic test can establish even the smallest defects of welded joints.
  • High speed and sensitivity of testing.