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Visual and measuring test is important part of any production of structures or construction of industrial objects of various purposes. It is one of the cheapest and simplest testing methods. Visual test is used both at hazardous and public objects.

The method is based on possibilities of human sight. It is conducted using simple measuring means including magnifying glasses up to 20x. Sliding caliper ruler, tape ruler, welder’s gauge are also used.

Visual and measuring test is basic and employed prior to execution of other test methods. 

Technological process of visual and measuring test

“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC performs visual and measuring test for detection of surface defects of metal: cracks, undercuts, dents, inclusions, splashes etc. at all stages of welding works irrespective of use of other test methods.

During preparation of metals to welding, visual examination is conducted to confirm compliance of work parts.

At the stage of technical diagnostics, visual and measuring test is intended for determination of possible deviations from design data.

It is important to conduct visual examination at all stages of production, assembly or construction of objects. Use of visual and measuring test only at the last stage can lead to missing defects occurred during production. Often during examination, specialists detect defects elimination of which under conditions of ready objects can take significant time. Negligence of quality control can lead to serious breakdowns or accidents.