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Penetrant test is efficient method for detection of surface defects, including penetration ones: cracks, pockets, shells, incomplete penetration, blowholes and other discontinuities of product surface, without its destruction. Penetrant method is used for control of objects of any size and shape, made of ferrous or non-ferrous steels, glass, ceramics, plastics and other nonferromagnetic materials.

Penetrant test advantages:

  • visibility of results;
  • high sensitivity (detection of cracks with size from 1 μm);
  • execution of testing at temperatures below 10 оС and higher 50 оС;
  • prompt determination of product suitability.

Technological process of penetrant test:

“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC performs penetrant test employing color and luminescent methods that enable detection of:

  • weld, thermal and fatigue cracks;
  • porosity;
  • incomplete penetrations and other defects like open discontinuities of various allocation and dimension, invisible for naked eye and magnifying devices.

Works are conducted in a prompt and quality manner both under laboratory conditions of the company, and on sites of the customer including at height. Quality assessment is conducted in accordance with requirements of international and Ukrainian standards.