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Static bend test is intended to determine ability of metal and welded joints to withstand set by size degree of plastic deformation at bending, prior to occurrence of first crack.

“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC performs static bend test under steady-state conditions of laboratory using specialized certified machines:

  • УММ 100
  • ГМС 50М
  • Р 10М

Specific aspects of static bend tests conducted by “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC

Tests are conducted as per regulatory documents under room temperature. During the test we determine ability of joint to assume set by size and shape bend. This ability is characterized by bend angle at which in bended zone of the sample first crack occurs, that develops during the test.

Also we determine location of crack or fracture start (over seam of welded joint, around-seam zone or base metal).

Depending on requirements of the standard technical documentation, the tests are conducted:

  • till reaching rated bend angle or bend angle at which first rejection crack occurs;
  • till parallelism;
  • till crash of the sample sides.

Bend angle at test till occurrence of the first crack is measured at stress-free state with error up to 2 °.

Specialists of “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC perform works on test of metal for static bend within the shortest possible time and for reasonable price.