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Static tension test in Ukraine is one of the main and most common kinds of testing. Obtained as a result of test specifications allow to assess hardness and ductility of materials under conditions of static loads and are considered as main at execution of calculations for hardness of machine components and structure elements.

Technological process of Static tension test

Measurements which are conducted at test for static bowing:

  • tensile strength rupture limit;
  • maximum elongation and maximum contraction of cross-section area.

These measurements can also enable determination of the following properties:

  • young’s modulus of elasticity;
  • poisson’s ratio;
  • yield point;
  • characteristics of mechanical hardening.

Mechanical test is conducted on standard samples of round and rectangular cross-section under conditions of their stretching by axial force using tensile testing machines. At stretching the sample is deformed under action of force that gradually rises up to the moment of the sample destruction.

Specific aspects of tests conducted by “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC

“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC performs static tension test in the company laboratory using special tensile testing machines that passed certification:

  • УММ 100
  • ГМС 50М
  • Р 10М

Upon test results specialists of “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC will prepare report which will allow to make decision on selection of material for set working conditions, evaluate its quality and foresee behavior of the material under action of action of loads.

How to send us samples for examinations, tests.

Taken samples of rolled steel, reference samples of welded joints, etc. you can delivery to laboratory “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC at address:

Bucha city, 3 Lekha Kachynskoho str. (old name – 3 Chkalova street)

Recipient: “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC


make use of services of  Nova Poshta LLC sending at address:

Bucha city, depots: No.3 – up to 15 kg

No.2 – up to 30 kg

No.1 – above 30 kg

Recipient: “Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC, EDRPOU 33543574, c. Bucha

Contact (please call upfront):

Volodymyr Pochep (050) 334-82-05

Horpynich Dmytro (050) 334-33-95

Maksym Prokhorenko (099) 355-86-89

  • Customer covers costs for delivery and return of samples.
  • At sample taking for further examination, tests, please draw up Sample collection report (go to
  • Original copy of the Report must be sent with samples.