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Spectral analysis of steels and alloys using modern mobile spark optical-emission spectrometer Q4 MOBILE

“Industrial diagnostics and control center” LLC reinforced its tooling park with mobile spark optical-emission spectrometer Q4 MOBILE by German company Bruker.

Spectrometer Q4 MOBILE is state-of-art device for precision analysis of chemical composition of various steel materials and alloys. Its capabilities allow to attain high precision of analysis of chemical composition of materials which holds its own against stationary units. The device is highly portable, has high precision and measurement speed and allows to conduct analysis of samples of any form at any place including objects access to which is obstructed.

Main advantages of the device:

  • optical system Paschen-Runge with focal distance 300 mm;
  • range of unique next generation CCD detectors with enhanced sensibility and service life for spectral registration;
  • reading of spectrum in wave range 174 to 800 nm;
  • two sensors type «spark»/ «arc» and UV Probe (FIPOS) for accurate analysis of light elements (C, S, P, N, As, B);
  • absence of warm-up time;
  • supports all forms of power supplies;
  • high vibration resistance and thermal stability;
  • analysis of samples of various forms due to unique system of flow-around with argon;
  • calibration package cover all main steels and alloy groups.

Application field:

  • precision express analysis of steels and alloys in the field and in laboratory environment;
  • receiving inspection of steels and alloys;
  • material analysis during melting.

Due to portability of the device, laboratory specialist can quickly depart to any region of Ukraine and faultlessly determine real grade of steel and its composition with possibility of saving results in any format.